Chef Christopher Fowler bakes Belcour banana bread

Thursday 01/07/2021

So cool when a “young person” I met with my boys on a tennis camp trip so many years ago, becomes a chef and likes my cookbook. Thanks Christopher Fowler for the big up. Next time you’re home let’s cook together! Love that you’re adding your twist to the recipe by adding the rum. (You’re making me think that you could simmer the raisins in rum and then add them). Recipes are passed down through generations and are constantly evolving, particularly now when the world is becoming more of a melting pot of cultures. Experimentation can also yield some unexpectedly great results. Naturally, the converse is also true as my dogs can testify to being the fortunate recipients of many a kitchen disaster. Keep making recipes your own and you will create some brilliant ones and you will pass them down to the next generation too.

A good Banana bread recipe is essential in your repertoire. We’re also in for a very hot summer and bananas ripe really quickly so this is one of the best things to do with squishy bananas that everyone will enjoy. I put chopped dates (instead of raisins) in mine and the nuts too, either pecans or walnuts roughly chopped as you did, if I have them in my cupboard. If I’m feeling healthy I’ll add a tablespoon of wheat germ too. I use half brown and half white sugar and cream it for a little longer. I love to eat banana bread steaming hot. Ooh on a rainy afternoon with a cuppa tea. Delish. If you have bananas spoiling, freeze them (skin-on) so you can also use them for smoothies and banana fritters, etc. Please try the banana cake recipe in the book too. It was Mummy’s and it’s a really good one if I say so myself. I think you’ll like it.

Author: Robin Lim Lumsden

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