My Kitchen Essentials

Wednesday 26/05/2021

This is a list of the utensils I have in my kitchen. I could not successfully and quickly turn out delicious family meals without them. The list is quite long, and by no means exhaustive, so don’t be intimidated. I didn’t buy everything on the list all at one time, I collected them over many years. My brother-in-law gave me a Cast Iron Skillet for Chrismas and I love and use it a lot

I hope it may be helpful for those of you trying to equip an efficient kitchen and for someone who loves to entertain. The list should give first-time home cooks some tips on what to collect and also give suggestions for couples when making their bridal registry.

A Kitchen Aid should definitely be on the bridal registry and a professional knife set, with carving and/or cake knife. A set of good stainless steel pots should also be on the list. I got a beautiful cake knife as a wedding present (I believe from Tiffany’s) and have used it hundreds of times over the years.

In one of my next blogs, I will list the essential products and ingredients I have in my kitchen cupboards such as (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), dijon, red wine vinegar, Belcour Honey Mustard Pepper, Oyster and Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce etc.

Essential cooking utensils and cooking aids in my Kitchen

  • A good set of knives imperative, a carving knife and fork, knife sharpener
  • 2 pairs of scissors
  • A garlic press, lime squeezer, an opener, carrot peeler
  • food processor – big and little and a sturdy blender
  • A Kitchen Aid
  • A Cast Iron Skillet
  • Graters- including zesters from citrus and nutmeg and ginger
  • A Wok and Chinese Steamer and cleaver and at least one pair of chopsticks
  • Cake cover, cake stand, and cake cutting knife
  • Salad bowl, gravy bowl with serving utensils
  • Plastic, parchment, and foil paper
  • Stockpot and rice, extra small pots, extra small saucepans including the entire stainless steel pot and pan set,  a nonstick pan
  • Comfy shoes and a recipe book stand
  • Soup ladle, wooden spoons, slotted spoons
  • Potato crusher and Mallett, tongs big and small rack for grilling
  • Cookbook Stand and surgical gloves – I use them to handle meat
  • Cutting boards at least 3 and mats to put hot things on
  • Spice rack and Coffee and Spice grinder and black pepper
  • Trays – at least 2 Olive Oil, salad dressing, and Honey pouring bottles
  • A thermometer and a scale
  • Pyrex dishes including pies and bread dishes and serving platters
  • Bundt pan and cake pans and pastry roller
  • Measuring cups and spoons – both plastic and glass
  • Strainers-all sizes and colanders and lettuce spinner
  • Spatulas – different types and brush and slotted spoons
  • Bowls – Stainless steel and some plastic large and small bowls too
  • Salad dressing container – pretty and a plastic storage one
  • Tupperware – big tiny and medium
  • Mits and towels including lots of paper towels
  • A notepad and pen
  • A bottle of wine and some music, my cell phone, and of course, a Belcour Cookbook.
  • The excellent book SALTFAT ACIDHEAT BY SAMIN NOSRAT is also a great gift for any cook. I  got it last Christmas and I noticed that the book had a nifty picture of their recommended kitchen essentials. The list is very similar to mine. Here it is.



Author: Robin Lim Lumsden

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