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Pop-up Events

In addition to the headquarters of Belcour Preserves, we also do occasional pop-up-themed food and wellness events. These are advertised over our social media. The property is open by appointment only. All events are held on our beautiful deck overlooking the river. Group sizes are a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 36 persons. Please note we do not host weddings. We cater for all events on the property. If you are interested in having us host and cater a delightful group meal, See the link below for more information.

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The Belcour Cottage

The Belcour Cottage is a charming, romantic, little, one-bedroom, bed-and-breakfast in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. The cottage is situated on a little hill by itself overlooking a river on the Belcour property. It is only 20 minutes from the city of Kingston and its attractions by car and the beautiful Blue Mountains are a 30-minute drive further up into the mountains. The cottage is peaceful and private perfect for visitors who want a more chill atmosphere outside the city, or who want to explore the mountains. It is also a nature lover and bird watcher’s paradise and makes a perfect retreat for writers. See Below for ways to book!

Ways to Book

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Or contact Robin directly at 876-383-8942
or email at belcourpreserves[at]gmail[dot]com

Additional Information

The Garden

Belcour has an old and somewhat wild garden with many, very old trees, a variety of palms, fruiting plants and tropical flowers. The property is separated into five distinct sections which include the gardens, plots for produce and the apiary. The old garden has three levels and the weather conditions and temperature are perfect for a large variety of heliconia, orchids, anthuriums, and other exotic varieties. In almost every season some variety of trees or flowers are blooming. Numerous varieties of birds inhabit Belcour’s sanctuary. You can hear the doves cooing and the parrots squawking and the hum of the bees as they feast on whatever fruits in season. The bottom garden is bordered by a small stream. Over the years we have created a little river spot with a small wading pool.