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This book celebrates a Jamaican family’s legacy of love, food and hospitality. Jamaica’s heritage is a fusion of diverse cultures, and the recipes in this book reflect the richness of Jamaica’s culinary landscape. Interwoven throughout the book are short vignettes of the family’s history over three generations. The recipes act as both a snapshot of a personal history and a useful manual for entertaining.

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This book started with a collection of my Mother’s family recipes. One Christmas, after she had died I made a spiral-bound copy of her collection and gave them to all the women in my family as presents. When I noticed that my book had become a permanent fixture in their kitchens and they told me how much they used it, ten years later, I decided to publish a proper book. In this book, I thought I needed to explain how Chinese Red Cooked Pork and Eggs, Ackee and Salt Fish, and Chicken Au gratin all ended up in the same cookbook. It is through the telling of these stories of my Jamaican family’s history and culture, I think, that makes this book more than a cookbook and the recipes to come alive.

My family's heritage

"When I was a child we often ate a dish called Ja Ja Mien for dinner, it was one of my father’s favourites and is still one of ours. Dad said it was a poor man’s dish from the North of China. His Chinese God Mother often visited us in Jamaica and she taught Mum how to make it. It consists of Pork in a Black Bean Sauce, served over Spaghetti with slivered cucumbers and peanut butter or sesame sauce. Dad said when Marco Polo visited China, he took back the recipe and that was the genesis of spaghetti and meat sauce. We never saw Ja Ja Mien on any menu in any Chinese restaurants, so we were very skeptical about this being another of Dad’s fantastical tales of growing up in China. When Mirah, Dad and I visited China in 2000, we finally found Ja Ja Mien, and somehow discovering it validated all my father’s fascinating recollections of growing up in pre-war Peking and his life in China. Jah Jah Mien will always remind me of my father and his wonderful Chinese heritage."

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