Pepper and Jerk Sauces

Belcour Pepper and Jerk Sauces

Belcour Pepper Sauces have a bold, zesty flavour for true pepper aficionados. These “tongue hottin” creations are a rich blend of roasted Scotch Bonnet peppers, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices laced with 100% pure honey. Honey Mustard Pepper Sauce is the indispensable chef’s aid. With garlic, mustard, parsley and lime juice, this versatile sauce brings flavour to almost any situation.

Honey Jerk Pepper Sauce delivers a complex taste experience, first sweet and sour, then spicy and hot. Traditional jerk ingredients: Scotch Bonnets, scallions, thyme and pimento are infused with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh herbs. This unique jerk sauce, an ideal dip for fritters and crab cakes, can also be used to marinate meat, chicken and fish for baking or added to your favorite barbecue sauce to “Jamaicanize” it.

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