Belcour Preserves was started in 2004 by Robin Lim Lumsden stirring up concoctions in her kitchen. Using old family recipes as her inspiration and with fruit grown on her farm, Robin developed a line of all natural gourmet condiments. The hot pepper sauces, fruit preserves and chutney’s were so well received by family and friends that she and her husband Michael decided to join forces and start a business to manufacture the condiments in 2008. The company is named after their home, which is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The well-fruited property was originally an 18th Century coffee estate. The company name also reflects the owners’ commitment to using natural and old fashioned methods of heat, sugar and vinegar to preserve the condiments. As the company has grown from stove top to retail shelf, the versatile, all-natural condiments, with their bold tropical flavours have gained a loyal following of at-home cooks and professional chefs alike. The line includes three fruit preserves, three hot pepper sauces and three savoury condiments. Today, Belcour’s gourmet condiments are still made in small batches, using fresh locally grown ingredients. They are now distributed in leading supermarkets in Jamaica and in New York and Florida. In 2014 Robin published The Belcour Cookbook, which was so well received that the second edition will be available for Christmas 2016. The cookbook is available on Amazon.